2017 Regulations

Tour Regulations

Tour Arbiter David Sedgwick, IA

2016 GCT Chief Arbiter David Sedgwick, IA

Player Selection Criteria

Nine players will be selected for participation in the 2017 Grand Chess Tour, based on the following criteria:

  • (3) The top three players from the final 2016 GCT standings
  • (3) The top three players by average rating across 2016
  • (3) The GCT will select three wildcard participants

Individual GCT events will have an additional (1) one wildcard (Sinquefield Cup & London Chess Classic) or (4) four wildcards (Paris GCT, YNM & Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz).

Check back soon for player announcements and more details on the 2017 Grand Chess Tour regulations.


  • Tour Points
  • Scoring
  • Tour Prize Fund
  • Tiebreaks

Event Regulations

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