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Historic Sinquefield Cup Brings Top World Chess Talent to Saint Louis; Legendary World Champion Garry Kasparov Comes out of Retirement for Inaugural Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz Event

SAINT LOUIS, July 5, 2017 -- History is being made this August in Saint Louis. The world's most elite chess players of both past and present will be facing off in the U.S. Chess Capital during the Sinquefield Cup, the most prestigious chess tournament hosted on U.S. soil. Following the Sinquefield Cup, legendary World Champion Garry Kasparov will be coming out of retirement to compete against world's top chess talent of modern time in the inaugural Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament as a wildcard. The Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament is the newest stop on the 2017 Grand Chess Tour.

2017 GCT Paris Rapid to be broadcast on CANAL+ SPORT channel

2 May 2017 - The Grand Chess Tour is very pleased to announce that the 2017 GCT Rapid tournament in Paris will be broadcast on the CANAL+ SPORT channel in France. The show will feature a daily highlights package of the best games from each the five days play. Each show will last for one hour and will be aired nightly at 23.30 between June 21st and June 25th inclusive. The shows will be hosted by the CANAL+ television journalist Pauline Sanzey.

Rd. 9 - GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs. GM Anish Giri

Written and annotated by GM Alejandro Ramirez.


Vachier-Lagrave had perhaps a slight advantage against Giri after sacrificing a pawn, or at least that is what most grandmasters thought. The Dutch player himself thought that it was Black playing for the advantage! After a couple of careless moves from MVL, it was indeed Giri who was slightly better; unfortunately it was never anything special. The game dissolved into a drawn rook endgame.

Rd. 9 - GM Viswanathan Anand vs. GM Magnus Carlsen

Written and annotated by GM Alejandro Ramirez.


In the game between Anand and Carlsen, and much like their World Championship matches, the Norwegian decided to stick to his Berlin defense. Both players played rather slowly, perhaps unfamiliar with the variation. Anand mentioned looking at this variation in the past but could not recall the specifics. Carlsen was able to trade into an opposite-colored bishop position and draw the game.