2016 Regulations

The Tour is a series of four Events in which players earn Grand Tour Points in accordance with their final rank in each Event. At the conclusion of the Tour, the top two players based on the final Grand Tour Point standings shall be awarded Tour Prizes.

  1. Grand Tour Points: Grand Tour Points shall be awarded based on the final rank of each player and the Event time control as follows. Grand Tour Points shall be shared equally between tied players in an individual event.
    Place Classical Rapid & Blitz
    1st 13/12* 13/12*
    2nd 10 10
    3rd 8 8
    4th 7 7
    5th 6 6
    6th 5 5
    7th 4 4
    8th 3 3
    9th 2 2
    10th 1 1

    * Any player who wins an Event outright (without the need for a playoff) shall earn one extra bonus point

    For the purpose of final Tour rankings and determining Tour Prizes the GCT credits each Player’s Grand Tour Points only from his three highest scoring Events. For example, if a player earns 8 Grand Tour Points in Paris, 10 Grand Tour Points in Leuven, 4 Grand Tour Points in St. Louis and 6 Grand Tour Points in London, then that Player’s total credited Grand Tour Points will be 24 (8+10+6), with the worst result (4 in St. Louis) not credited. However, if a player only plays 3 Events, then all of his Grand Tour Points from each Event he has participated in are credited.

  2. Scoring: In the Rapid and Blitz Events the standings shall be determined by the allocation of points as set out below:
      Rapid Blitz
    Win 2 1
    Draw 1 ½
    Loss 0 0
  3. Tour Prizes: Tour Prizes shall be declared and certified by the GCT Advisory Committee no later than December 31, 2016. The player with the most Grand Tour Points shall receive $100,000 USD (One Hundred Thousand Dollars) in prize money. The player with the second-most Grand Tour Points shall receive $50,000 USD (Fifty Thousand Dollars) in prize money.
    Place Prize
    1st $100,000
    2nd $50,000
  4. Tiebreaks: Tiebreak regulations for players tied for first in an individual Event and for players tied for first in the Tour are outlined in the tiebreak section.
  5. Appeals & Governance: The GCT shall be governed by the GCT Advisory Committee which consists of Tony Rich, Michael Khodarkovsky and Malcolm Pein. The Tour Chief Arbiter shall be IA David Sedgwick.