Sinquefield Cup Regulations

In addition to the terms and conditions above, the following regulations shall apply:

  1. Event Prize Fund: $300,000 USD
    Place Prize Place Prize
    1st $75,000 6th $20,000
    2nd $50,000 7th $15,000
    3rd $40,000 8th $15,000
    4th $30,000 9th $15,000
    5th $25,000 10th $15,000
    Total Event Prize Fund: $300,000
  2. Schedule of Events:
    Date Event Date Event
    AUG-1 Arrival AUG-9 Round 5
    AUG-2 Photos &Video AUG-10 Rest Day
    AUG-3 Media Day AUG-11 Round 6
    AUG-4 Community Day
    Opening Ceremony
    AUG-12 Round 7
    AUG-5 Round 1 AUG-13 Round 8
    AUG-6 Round 2 AUG-14 Round 9
    AUG-7 Round 3 AUG-15 Playoff
    Closing Ceremony
    AUG-8 Round 4 AUG-16 Ultimate Moves
        AUG-17 Departure
  3. Format: 10-player Round Robin
  4. Time Control: 40 moves in two hours, followed by the remainder of the game in one hour, with a 30-second increment from move 41.