2018 Grand Chess Tour

The 2018 Grand Chess Tour is a series of five chess tournaments held throughout the year and across the globe. A total of ten players were selected as full 2018 Grand Chess Tour participants. Selection methodology for the 2018 participants is listed in the table below. 2018 Tour Points will be awarded based on the final rank of each player in the events as set out below. Tour Point allocations for the 2018 Sinquefield Cup have been increased this year to ensure that a suitable balance is maintained between classical chess and rapid and blitz chess. Another important change is that GCT Tour Points in 2018 shall be shared equally between tied players in all individual events. Tie-breaks will still be played to determine the overall winner of events but will not impact the allocation of GCT Tour Points in 2018.



Selection Methodology


1 – 3

Final 2017 GCT Tour Standings

The top three finishes from the 2017 Grand Chess Tour

4 – 6

Average of FIDE Classical Ratings

Top 3 (not already selected) based on the average of the 12 monthly FIDE classical

ratings for the period from 1 February 2017 until 1 January 2018

7 – 9

Universal Rating System

Top 3 (not already selected) based on the Universal Rating List as at 1 January 2018


GCT Advisory Board Nominee

Selected by the GCT Advisory Board


In total the Grand Chess Tour boasts an impressive $1.05 million prize fund, awarded as follows:


Playing Dates *


Your Next Move

12 - 16 June


Paris GCT

20 - 24 June


Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz

10 - 15 August


Sinquefield Cup

17 - 28 August


GCT Finals (London)

11 - 17 December


Total GCT Prizes



* For full schedule details, please visit the respective tournament pages.