Levon Aronian


Chess Highlights
2019 Superbet Rapid & Blitz Winner
2017 World Cup Winner

Levon Aronian is an Armenian American chess Grandmaster. A chess prodigy, he earned the title of grandmaster in 2000 at age 17. Aronian was the World Rapid Chess Champion in 2009 and World Blitz Chess Champion in 2010. He won the Chess World Cup in 2005 and 2017, and currently is the only player to win the tournament twice. Aronian has also led the Armenian national team to three gold medals in Chess Olympiads (2006, 2008, 2012) as well as to gold at the World Team Chess Championship in 2011. In 2014, he achieved his peak rating of 2830, making him the fourth highest rated player in history. Since then, Aronian has won the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz twice (2017, 2019), 2018 sinquefield Cup, and 2019 Superbet Rapid & Blitz. In 2021, Aronian officially transferred his chess federation to the United States, making him the 2nd highest rated American player.