2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour

2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour - Round 10 Recap

The penultimate round was the round of opposite colored bishops endgames as three of the games were drawn in this manner. The winner of the Croatia Grand Chess Tour will be decided tomorrow as the clash between Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So was a peaceful affair. The World Champion remains half a point ahead of the field and will have the white pieces against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, while Wesley So will have the black pieces against Levon Aronian.

2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour - Round 6 Recap

Today’s combative round created a shake up in tournament standings. The players gave their all before heading into the day off, resulting in five decisive games. At the halfway point, there are now three co-leaders. Ian Nepomniachtchi suffered his first loss against Ding Liren, who wins his second game in a row. With wins over Hikaru Nakamura and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov respectively, Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So joined Nepomniachtchi in the lead.

2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour - Round 5 Recap

Day five of Croatia Grand Chess Tour only delivered one decisive result. Ding Liren defeated Anish Giri after a 5-hour struggle, putting him 1.5 points behind the leader. Draws on the rest of the boards meant that there were no other changes in the standings; Ian Nepomniachtchi remains in the lead by a full point. Once again, Garry Kasparov joined the commentary team and expressed that he still considers Magnus Carlsen the favorite, as he still hasn’t faced the leader. The two will meet in round 7, the day after the rest day.

2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour - Round 4 Recap

Ian Nepomniachtchi maintained his full point lead over the field as a result of six draws across the board. After about thirty minutes of play, it seemed as though there would be a big shake up in the standings; Magnus Carlsen was completely winning, while Nepomniachtchi was in big trouble against Sergey Karjakin. Alas, neither player was able to convert and the status quo was maintained.

2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour - Round 3 Recap

Ian Nepomniachtchi extended his lead to a full point after defeating Shakhriyar Mamedyarov with the black pieces. With this result, Nepomniachtchi now has a perfect score of 3/3 and is at his personal peak rating of 2790. Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So are tied for second place after drawing Fabiano Caruana and Anish Giri respectively. Tomorrow, all three will have the white pieces and will thus try to score a full point. 

2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour - Round 2 Recap

Today was the calm after the storm; only one game had a decisive result but it was not for a lack of fighting spirit among the players. Ian Nepomniachtchi emerged as an early leader after defeating Fabiano Caruana from a losing position. The Russian Grandmaster was satisfied with his result but felt that the quality of his games needs improvement. For a long time it seemed as though Magnus Carlsen would be joining the leader but was eventually unable to seal the deal.