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2018 Cup Chronicle Issue 6

After the rest day, five players came ready to separate themselves from the pack, but only one succeeded. Fabiano Caruana is now leading the tournament after defeating Sergey Karjakin. The only other leader who had winning chances, Alexander Grischuk, let Magnus Carlsen escape with a draw. The highly anticipated faceoff between Carlsen and Caruana will happen tomorrow in round 7. This will be their last encounter before their upcoming World Championship match in November. Not only will they be battling it out for first place in this tournament, but also for the number one spot in the world rankings, as Caruana is only 7 rating points away from his rival. If Caruana wins tomorrow, it will end Carlsen’s seven-year streak as the highest rated player in the world. Tomorrow’s round is potentially historic and not one to be missed!


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