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2019 Cup Chronicles Issue 11

For the first time in the Sinquefield Cup history, the winner will be determined in a playoff. With a clutch last round victory, Magnus Carlsen tied for first place with Ding Liren, who only managed to draw his game. Sergey Karjakin was also on the heels on victory and could have joined the duo on top, but was unable to convert his advantage. The playoff will consist of two 25-minute games with 10 second delay, and will move on to blitz if still undecided. The tiebreak will be immediately followed by “Ultimate Moves”, a team game with friendly banter between founder Rex Sinquefield and his son Randy Sinquefield and will feature Yasser Seirawan and legendary World Champion Garry Kasparov. Ultimate Moves will be available on, approximately 30 minutes after the playoff ends.


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