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The Grand Chess Tour Returns In 2023

The World’s Elite Grandmasters Will Compete for a $1.4M Purse
in Five Over The Board Events During the 2023 Season

Saint Louis, MO (Monday, January 9, 2023) – The Grand Chess Tour (GCT), a circuit of international events, each demonstrating the highest level of organization for the world’s best players, will return again in 2023. Tour participants will compete for a total prize fund of $1.4 million over the course of the 2023 season. The prize money for each of the two classical tournaments will be $350,000 and $175,000 per event for rapid and blitz. In addition, a bonus prize fund totaling $175,000 will be awarded to the top three overall tour finishers.


The 2023 tour will include eight full tour players and additional wildcards will be selected for each tournament.  The Superbet Chess Classic will kick off the 2023 tour in Bucharest, Romania and the Sinquefield Cup will close out the tour from November – December in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.


Between the two classical events are three rapid and blitz events scheduled to be in Warsaw, Poland, Zagreb, Croatia and Saint Louis, USA.


The major sponsors of the 2023 Grand Chess Tour are Superbet Foundation, Super United, and Saint Louis Chess Club.

2023 Grand Chess Tour
Tournament Name Tournament Date Tournament Location
Superbet Chess Classic Romania May 4 – May 16 Bucharest, Romania
Superbet Rapid & Blitz Poland May 19 – May 26 Warsaw, Poland
SuperUnited Rapid & Blitz Croatia July 3 – July 10 Zagreb, Croatia
Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz November 12 – November 19 Saint Louis, USA
Sinquefield Cup November 19 – December 3 Saint Louis, USA


“Fans can expect another exciting year of classical and rapid and blitz tournaments among the world’s best chess players,” said GCT Executive Director Michael Khodarkovsky.


The full format and list of full tour players and wildcards of the 2023 Grand Chess Tour will be announced soon. Please visit and follow GCT social media for more information and all the latest news regarding the tour.



2023 Grand Chess Tour Major Sponsors


About the Grand Chess Tour 

The Grand Chess Tour is a circuit of international events, each demonstrating the highest level of organization for the world’s best players. The legendary Garry Kasparov, one of the world’s greatest ambassadors for chess, inspired the Grand Chess Tour and helped solidify the partnership between the organizers. All Grand Chess Tour 2023 events will comply with local and regional COVID-19 restrictions. For more information about the tour, please visit


About the Superbet Foundation

Founded in 2019, Superbet Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Its role is to coordinate Superbet Group’s CSR activities and to connect with civil society organizations and the general public. Through its activity, the Foundation strives for a better world, with healthy and educated people and by supporting various projects it wants to inspire people to hold unbreakable moral values. It supports projects in domains like education, health, culture, performance in sport and, most notably, in chess. Since 2019, chess has become one of the backbones of Superbet Foundation by organizing its first tournament of the Grand Chess Tour in Bucharest. The Foundation is committed to turning GCT tournaments into a tradition for the Romanian and Polish chess communities. For more information, visit


About the Saint Louis Chess Club

The Saint Louis Chess Club is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to making chess an important part of our community. In addition to providing a forum for the community to play tournaments and casual games, the club also offers chess improvement classes, beginner lessons and special lectures.

Recognizing the cognitive and behavioral benefits of chess, the Saint Louis Chess Club is committed to supporting those chess programs that already exist in area schools while encouraging the development of new in-school and after-school programs. For more information, visit

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