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The Paris Grand Chess Tour is free to air

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The Paris Grand Chess Tour is free to air

Paris, France – Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Paris Grand Chess Tour is delighted to announce that all 27 rounds over the 4-day duration of the tournament will be streamed live direct from the venue and made available to all major chess websites and portals to broadcast in real time and free of charge.

The tournament will see the world’s very best chess players competing over four days for a prize pool of $150,000. The event runs from the 9th – 12th June 2016 at Maison de la Chimie in Paris, France and will feature 9 rounds of rapid matches and 18 rounds of blitz. The prizes and grand chess tour points are awarded based on the combined results from both formats.

All games will be broadcast live with commentary set to be provided in English, French, and Spanish. the round by round coverage will include a number of exciting new features which will be enabled through the Dailymotion games player.

A 100% live and connected tournament

The tournament set-up will include a new multi-camera presentation, which will enable online spectators to choose which games they wish to follow. In addition, there will also be live chat features, as well as instructional videos during the course of each day’s play. The French broadcast will be anchored by sports broadcaster Astrid Bard.

The Dailymotion broadcast will be accessible via tablets, smartphones and Playstation 4. Any websites wishing to carry the games and live commentary streams can embed a simple Dailymotion application to make the features available to their audience.

Supported with passion by our sponsors

This event could not have had taken place without the involvement of Vivendi and Colliers International.

Vivendi, which combines several leading companies in the fields of content provision and media, seeks to modernise this ancient game in the firm belief that the time is right for it to reach a wider audience.

“Content is king… what more is there for Vivendi than to invest in chess, the king of games?” Stéphane Roussel, Operations Director.

Colliers International, a real-estate enterprise. Their involvement was initiated by their company president Gilles Betthaeuser, who is a strong player and chess enthusiast himself. He commented: “Colliers is happy to be associated with this world class tournament. The real-estate business and chess demand the same qualities from practitioners, not only the capacity to take risks, appreciate a project’s hidden dimensions or an opponent’s manoeuvres, but also the ability to take good decisions in a complex environment. Having our name associated with this event was an obvious call for us to make.”

About the Grand Chess Tour (

The Grand Chess Tour is a circuit of international events, each demonstrating the highest level of organization for the world’s best players. The Tour was created in partnership between the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (Sinquefield Cup) and Chess Promotions, Ltd. (London Chess Classic). The legendary Garry Kasparov, one of the world’s greatest ambassadors for chess, inspired the Grand Chess Tour and helped solidify the partnership between the organizers.

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