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Wei Yi

FIDE Rating: 2755
FIDE World Rank 10
Wei Yi



age became grandmaster





FIDE ID # 8603405

Wei Yi is a former prodigy and the current Chinese No. 2. He is one of the youngest ever grandmasters and the youngest ever player to reach a rating of 2700, which he did at the age of 15. Wei Yi is also a former World Youth Champion, twice Chinese national champion, and was a member of the gold medal winning team in the 2014 Tromso Olympiad. Recently Wei Yi won the 2024 Tata Steel Masters, allowing him to reach his peak FIDE rating of 2755. This will be his first time playing in the GCT.

Wei Yi is a Chinese chess grandmaster and chess prodigy.He was also the youngest player ever to reach a rating of 2700.

standard rapid blitz
fide 2755 2758 2684
urs 2769

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