2017 Pro-Biz Cup

The 5th Pro-Biz Cup 2017 Thursday 30th November


Hosted by DeepMind at Google HQ in King’s Cross

Please note this event is by invitation only | Games will be broadcast LIVE


Schedule of Play



11.00 Player Arrival


11.30 Grandmaster introductions and photo-shoot. Grandmaster and player preparation


12.30 Round 1


13.00 Lunch and more preparation


14.00 Round 2


15.30 Round 3


Trophy Presentation


Bughouse with the juniors from the Masterclass (optional)



1.  Demis Hassabis & Mickey Adams
2.  Chris Flowers & Magnus Carlsen
3.  Justin Baptie & Levon Aronian
4.  Terry Chapman & Garry Kasparov
5.  Lee Green & Hikaru Nakamura 
6.  Rajko Vujatovic & Ian Nepomniachtchi
7.  Ali Mortazavi & Dave Norwood
8.  Gilles Betthauser & Maxime Vachier-Lagrave


Magnus Carlsen faces former World Champion Garry Kasparov, with Rex and Randy Sinquefield in the Ultimate Moves event in St Louis


Game Format

  • 8 team Swiss tournament, three rounds. Scoring 2-1-0.
  • Rapid chess: 20 minutes for all moves + 5 seconds increment per move.
  • The pro makes the first move, no conferring.

Time Outs. Two one-minute time outs will be permitted per game. The team will need to signal to the arbiter that you wish to confer and time outs can only be called when it’s your move. Either player can call a time out. The clocks will be stopped during your time out. After two time outs – no further consultation is permitted. The team that calls the time out remains at the board the other team leaves.

In the event of a tie after three rounds a Blitz game between the amateurs will determine the winner of the competition. If the play-off game is a draw then the GM and amateurs from opposing teams will play each other and the first to checkmate wins!