2021 Superbet Chess Classic

The 2021 Grand Chess Tour will kick off in classical fashion, with the Superbet Chess Classic moving away from 2019's rapid and blitz format. The Stejarii Country Club will host our ten tour players in a heavyweight round-robin battle for a total of $325,000 in prize money. This stunning venue hides away in a forest just outside of the European capital’s city center and promises the highest level of hospitality for the highest level of chess.



June 3-15, 2021


Stejarii Country Club, Bucharest, Romania 


10 Player Round Robin






June 3

Player Arrival

June 4

Opening Ceremony

June 5

Round 1

June 6

Round 2

June 7

Round 3

June 8

Round 4

June 9

Round 5

June 10

Rest Day

June 11

Round 6

June 12

Round 7

June 13

Round 8

June 14

Round 9

June 15

 Player Departure