2017 Grand Chess Tour

The 2017 Grand Chess Tour is a series of five chess tournaments held throughout the year and across the globe. A total of nine players were selected as full 2017 Grand Chess Tour participants. Three spots were awarded to the top finishers in the 2016 GCT, another three to the top players by average 2016 rating and the final three were determined by the GCT advisory board as tour wildcards. Tour participants will play both classic events and two of the three rapid and blitz events. Unlike last year, every result will count toward a player's final GCT standing.

In total the Grand Chess Tour boasts an impressive $1.2 million prize fund, awarded as follows:

Event Playing Dates * Prizes
Paris GCT 21 - 25 June $150,000
Your Next Move 28 June - 2 July $150,000
Sinquefield Cup 2 - 12 August $300,000
Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz 14 - 19 August $150,000
London Chess Classic 1 - 11 December $300,000
GCT Prize Pool   $150,000
Total GCT Prizes   $1,200,000

* For full schedule details, please visit the respective tournament pages.